Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Fiction

88 Lines About 44 Women has been shortlisted for the Fiction Award.

The shortlist is:

Peter Carey for Parrot and Olivier in America

JM Coetzee for Summertime

Brian Castro for The Bath Fugues

Steven Lang for 88 Lines About 44 Women

Alex Miller for Lovesong

Link to full short lists here

The winner of the award was Coetzee for Summertime. However, having read four of the five books in this list I think I, myself, would have leant towards the Carey which is a fascinating book, very rich in context and delightful prose. Coetzee is one of my favourite writers but I’m not sure what he’s doing wandering down this non-autobiographical road; playing with the notion of fiction and the author. There are true glimpses of brilliance, I cannot deny, and I have recommended the book and will continue to do so, but I think, in many ways it’s an esoteric game and what it gains in technique it loses in feeling. For what it’s worth.

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One Comment on “Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Fiction”

  1. Vivienne Says:

    Congratulations on the short list, Steven. I was thrilled to see your name there! Well done!

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