Woolworthlessness. Not just in Maleny

photo by Colin Beard

The site is being cleared in Mullumbimby for the new Woolworths store. Perhaps it might be useful, then, as a reminder, to post a couple of photos from our own debacle, as well as a link to Mandy Nolan’s blog in the Byron Bay Echo. Here’s a taste:

‘The dozers are rolling into town. Woolworths has won. Turns out, that unlike the Bible story, this supermarket Goliath couldn’t be brought down by the stoned.

The state government has offered up Mullumbimby as the reluctant bride in an arranged marriage to be right royally buggered by the Fresh Food People. Our organic small town cherry is just another multi-national’s pavlova topper, another town’s hymen which needed to be broken so the mega profit making machines that drive economy could park their fat arses in our town.’

While we believe there are certain anatomical problems associated with this idea we agree with the sentiment. You can read the rest here

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2 Comments on “Woolworthlessness. Not just in Maleny”

  1. Henrietta Says:

    I find this story fascinating.

    50 armed police to protect WW from Maleny (some of whom were senior Cits!)and only 25 for the Palm Island riots incl storming of the police station????? I did ask once and the response was that there were logistical problems with Palm Is. which I took to mean Maleny got more because it was easier! Not a good reason I would have thought.

    I’ve often wondered who, exactly, were they working for. Who paid them for this job? Not us, surely?

    • Steven Lang Says:

      slight problem with statistics there, it was 150 police, for four days, with a strategic base in Landsborough, road-blocks on all the roads to Maleny the morning the Dean brothers arrived to do the demolition work. Yes, the Dean brothers. Best, S.

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