Did You Lose Your Hair-tie?

Sometimes things on which we place little or no value have terrible effects downstream. Literally, in this case. The picture shows a dead platypus on the banks of the Obi Obi, near Maleny, with the object that killed it lying alongside. We can only assume that, while nosing around on the bottom of the creek the discarded hair-tie got caught around his bill. In frustration he will have raised a claw up to push it off and suddenly found himself entangled. The rather hideous wound on his neck and left shoulder would seem to suggest that, unfortunately, death did not come quickly.

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2 Comments on “Did You Lose Your Hair-tie?”

  1. Henrietta Says:

    A disturbing sight… but not unusual. The rubbish you find in water ways – plastic bags, bits of fishing line, ring pulls and cans….must be a big part of the devastation of fresh and sea water species. I wonder what golf balls are capable of in the Obi Obi?

  2. Fortunately, on the Maleny Community Precinct the golf course has been set a long way back from the creek. We have to make sure it stays there…. S

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